Sunday, 7 April 2013

Got the name starrtrekking! *fist pump*

As I tootle around the internet I see almost every mum who has a child with Autism, blogs. That may be a vast exaggeration or maybe not. I haven't done the numbers. I thought I'd join the throng of flag waving, chest beating mothers who rally people together to demand changes and petition governments and make shit happen. However, I'm not that kind of person. I'm a passive aggressive from way back, so blogging is probably as far as my activism to the cause goes.  I appreciate all these super mums do, but the reality for most of us that we're just trying to get through today with our children. Policy matters, sure, but my main concern is my kids, my life and how we can get through this together.

I wondered if there was any need for another autism blog and truth be told there isn't. That's when I decided that this wasn't just about autism. It's about all of us, all five of us. It sometimes takes a lot to remember that Natey Noo is only one fifth of our family.

Autism changes your life, but Andre and I made a decision this year that it wasn't going to stop us from living the life we dreamed of before Nate's diagnoses. We've spent too long locking ourselves away because everything became hard. Nate is now not running away, he's pretty much toilet trained, even if he needs reminders and, we are now afforded freedom that other people just take for granted. The dream is going to take a while to come to full realisation but for now we are taking the baby steps. The house is for sale, the plans written, spreadsheets all spreadsheety (Andre took care of this, it's beyond my capabilities I'm afraid) the travel magazines are bought. Now to sit back and hope the damn house sells!

Well that is the first post over with. I've been thinking about doing this for months, so here I am. Be nice to me! I'm fragile!