Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Getting it right

I love my babies. Sometimes when it's been a crap day I wonder if I'm getting this motherhood thing right. It's relentless, and scary. These little people need me. They need me to teach them everything from manners and morals to talking and toileting. I'm the one who spends the vast majority of their day with them and how I react to situations is burnt into their little minds. Without intending to I am passing down generations of coping skills to my children and future grandchildren. That is why I try to be mindful of all that I do, but I tend to fall short much of the time. The pressure to get it right and make sure I'm not just a big hot mess of crazy can be enormous.

So sometimes at the end of the day when they are finally asleep and I've had my coffee and time to calm down, I sneak into their rooms and watch their peaceful sleeping faces. That's when I realise that I might not get it right but I'm not getting it completely wrong. They're happy and really, isn't that all any of us want?