Saturday, 13 July 2013

Holidays, I love them.

Holidays, I love them. I do, I really do. Now repeat and chant until you actually believe it.

I actually do like holidays but since making the commitment to doing something every school break I've found I'm liking them just a little less. This was the first time in two years the kids have been to the city.

I had a panic attack.

First there is the traffic. I mean yes, I was aware people liked to drive places. I for one am all for being out and about. However I had forgotten that traffic was a new thing for my children. We were woken up by every car that went past, leading to little people being up at all hours and wanting in bed with us - an air mattress that was slowly seeping its contents as the night wore on. By morning we had all rolled into the middle and I was numb down one side from not moving for hours, so not to disturb the sleeping baby.

Secondly there is the traffic. Driving is okay when you know where you're going. Most of the time I had no idea where I was going. We were in an unfamiliar suburb and I kept getting turned around in my head and actually found myself on the same road three times after I'd sworn I'd turned off of it time and again.

Lulling us into a false sense of security. Day time traffic.

Thirdly there is Andre in traffic. When I don't get the directions to him quick enough he freaks out and starts pushing the panic button. Stress is carried in the jaw according to Mr Bungle, and Andre's jaw certainly backs that theory up.

Then there was the drive in.The big kids were pretty good. Nate was a little annoying. He'd slowly pop his little head in between us and whisper, "popcorn," then take the bucket, finish a mouthful then pop in again. "Water." After doing this for half an hour I finally pretended there was no more popcorn. "I need a wee."


Jude didn't like this sitting in the car seat thing and  insisted on being on my lap... and then jumped down and pressed all the buttons. He high beamed the cars in front of us and lost the radio station in the matter of three seconds before we put him back in the back. Screaming ensued and Andre ended up rocking him to sleep out in the cold. It worked. I saw the last twenty minutes of the movie and had no idea what was going on by then. Willow somehow managed to keep up despite the noise and enjoyed the drive in thoroughly. I've told her that when we move to town we can go to the drive in, but we are leaving Jude behind.

The photo that will trick us into going again.

We left early. Andre wanted his own bed and I was tired from only two days in the city. We plan on moving there at the end of the year. There is no going back, the application is in and that is it. I've been panicking ever since, wondering if we are making the biggest mistake of our lives. My brother, the wise sage he is, said this. "There are no mistakes, only life lessons." I think he saw that on facebook or something, but what the hell. I've had a shit load of life lessons. What is one more?