Sunday, 18 August 2013

Happy tears

This morning I was putting on Nate's shoes and we were going through his morning script. "Go to Primary School, see Mrs Reed, see Dot, see Tarkyn." I nodded and responded in my usual ways, asking more questions in the small hope that he would say something that was off script and not rehearsed.

This morning it happened.

"Play with Tarkyn, Tarkyn's scary," he laughed. I laughed as well, at the moment he is calling everything scary, even Bob the Builder.

"Is Tarkyn scary is he? He's not scary."

"Play scary game with Tarkyn."

I looked up in surprise. This wasn't part of the script. "What game do you play Nate?" I didn't expect a response.

"Monsters. Play monsters with Tarkyn."

I don't think anyone has ever been so delighted to hear a sentence in their life. I became really loud and high pitched and said how cool that sounded, over and over. Then I cried.

I know it's hard for some people to understand how HUGE that is, but it is.  Nate said an entire sentence that was a response to a question and he played an imaginative game with a friend. That right there has made my day. Probably my whole week. Happy Monday everyone :)