Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fist Pump Friday

On the whole it's been a good week. We had a couple of major breakthroughs with Nate (just after I whinged about him), the sun has been shining and I finished the first draft of my novel. I always feel uncomfortable using the word novel but I guess it's what describes it best.I have also started on a new one, an idea I came up with while writing this one. I have a folder named 'Idea for Sausage' that I use to put any fleeting idea I have. If anyone found that file all on its own they might question my sanity.

Today I give an extra fist pump because it's the last day of school and we get two whole weeks off. I can't wait to get camping, we're hoping to push it to two nights but I don't know what our chances will be if we're going on our own again. I must say that I didn't realise how great it was that we even get one night until I read about another family who live with autism. They set everything up and lasted three hours. Made me really appreciate Nate lasting the night! 
Finding weird selfies on my phone is always a delight.

Amazing surprise pressie from Brooke just made my day. So pretty!

No fear.

Proud Mumma moment,  both my babies won something at school assembly.
Loving the playground and the sunshine.

It's a long story, but Andre is a Tickle Dalek.
Finally got a chance to wear my mustache belt. Didn't get a chance to clean the mirror apparently.

This took up sufficient time, it's now less than an hour until holidays start *fistpump* Enjoy your weekend gorgeous people.