Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fist Pump Friday

I'll be honest, I'm struggling to find things to fist pump about this week. It hasn't been one of our best. Nate even went for a wander down to the shop by himself yesterday while we were rearranging the bedrooms in the desperate hope we'd get some sleep. I think we need an autism assistance dog or something because if this happens when we move to the city we'll be known to the police, and that's best case scenario.

The first thing I'll fist pump about though is that last night the boys slept. My mental health has improved vastly.

12 whole hours in this bad boy. Oh yeah.

A rare moment: getting along.

Kids become angels when they sleep.

Probably the cutest grumpy faced baby ever.

Cross fingers next weeks fist pump friday is a little more fist pumpy, coz this is seriously the best I could come up with. For real.