Friday, 11 October 2013

Shit Yeah Saturday

I was away for Fist Pump Friday so this will do. I couldn't find anything that was punchy and alliterated. It's been a tiring week, I think my brain is dying... something something. 

A few things to fist pump about this week. I played with a puppy, who wouldn't love that? I also went shopping and got new underwear that is actually pretty (a real feat when you're a curvy and buxom wench like myself). I was deeply ashamed that the bra was a 50 Shades of Grey brand. I really didn't want to support that piece of crap franchise that dis empowers women and lowers their expectations of men, but it was so damn pretty I angrily picked it up and chucked it in the trolley. Stupid pretty underwear *mumbles*

A brief anti fist pump - told you my words are failing me - Nate has not stopped absconding, we had a glorious period of time where we allowed ourselves to count our chickens. Right now we are second guessing the move and are considering postponing it while we sort out how to curb the running. The thought of losing Nate in the city is terrifying. Staying brings up a lot of other challenges of course. I'm sure this isn't the space for a pros and cons list however.

So back to fist pumping!

We road tripped to Wizalla to hang with the bogan rellies (they don't read this so I'm safe, ha!) Willow looks less than impressed with the 38 degrees and the two hour drive than Nooster does.

Cutest puppy ever? I say yes. Effie the beagle stole my heart!

Willow rode a horse for the first time ever. My heart was racing as it came closer and I saw the fucking size of it. Seriously. How do people feel safe up there?
My cutie pie niece, Maci adores big cousin Willow.

Aussie summer. Sprinkler, kids, beer and the dog.

Pretending to be cars. Finally my boys get along! At least for a little while.

I discover that dresses are just like not wearing pants *fistpump*

Now I have only 6 days to find things to fist pump about, but school is going back so there may be a little photo of myself fist pumping while licking salt off the abs of strippers and downing tequila shots. Maybe.