Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chatty Bombatties

This weekend Andre and I went out for lunch while Mum had the kids for us. It was a very much needed break. We managed to sit together and finish a meal without being interrupted, we talked - we even finished a whole conversation! Crazy times.

Having that time alone made me a little nostalgic, and also wonder how the hell we've managed to stay together for this length of time. The years have passed, we've spent days drunk together, moved house 18 times, made friends, lost friends, been so poor we had nothing but a bag of flour in the cupboard, we've fought, loved, disagreed, held each other when we have grieved. We've been unhappy, we were told we would never become parents, we became parents, we lived in isolation, were lonely, sad, depressed, the happiest we ever were, fatigued, given a child with a disability and had moments of pure joy. 

There will be many more things to add to that list as life moves on and one day we may not want to be together anymore. All I know is that we are here after nearly seventeen years and we have struggled and fought for each other when things have gotten so hard I thought they couldn't be fixed. The reason we did, I think, isn't just because we love each other. It's because we have never run out of conversation. Over lunch I can give him my thoughts about how people become serial killers (appropriate dinner conversation) and he can tell me about some unheard of battle of World War I, then seconds later we can discuss something that has been bothering us then swing back to something that, inspires us. I think the reason we are still here is because we still want to hear what the other person has to say. After all these years we still find each other's ramblings greatly interesting and I think that is just awesome.

Pre-lunch selfies