Friday, 15 November 2013

My Time

Today after years of procrastinating and finding excuses, I finally went a long to My Time. For those who haven't heard of it, it's a support group for parents and carers of kids with disabilities. They supply a creche and lunch. I would have made it to more, but travelling 85kms one way on a Friday doesn't always appeal to me. Normally by Friday I'm ready to curl into a sloppy ball of leisure wear and self medicate with chocolate.

There were no formalities at My Time, which was right up my alley. I hate going somewhere for support and they end up laying a long list of jobs on you the first day you're there. Sometimes us parents just need a place to vent and share ideas. It's a shame I haven't gone earlier. I think my big problem this year has been feeling isolated - and not just geographically. Having a child with special needs isn't just difficult because your child has special needs. Sometimes the difficulty is feeling like you're the only person on earth going through it. Years have passed since Nate's diagnosis yet in many ways I'm still a newbie. I've done my research about Nate and his needs, but only recently have I thought about mine.

Chocolate isn't cutting it anymore.

So I promised myself today that when we move I'm going to make finding a My Time the first thing on my to-do list. The list is lengthy but it has to be a priority. When Andre and I made the hard decision to leave here, it wasn't for the kids. It was for us. We saw the services in the city, we saw the support for parents and we wanted that. This year has been a roller coaster (we're still on it) but whenever I have any doubts about our decision I try to remember that I'm doing the best for me and the happier and more supported I am, the happier my kids are.

I've finally made it into my jim jams, we've had chocolate self saucing pudding and we're one child going to sleep, away from chai lattes. Fist Pump Friday? I think so.