Monday, 4 November 2013

Writing Apprehension

Writing apprehension has been stalking me like a bitch. Even blogging, which I normally enjoy and don't worry about too much, has become an anxiety inducing crapfest. So here I am, breaking the apprehension with a completely blabbery and unneeded blog post.

The last few weeks have been a little tough, to say the least, but luckily I have people in my life who make me smile. I'm not going to sit feeling sorry for myself for another second. It's so unproductive and sad sitting about wishing things were different, when really what I got ain't so bad. It's just not conventional. It's not easy either but I'm pretty sure nobody has an easy life. If you do, step forward and let us all in on the secrets.

With the move inevitable I decided to start packing but I got sick and came down with a serious case of packing apprehension... there is so such a thing. Shoosh. There is now less than six weeks left of school and we still have no idea where we are moving to, other than the greater Adelaide region. Word of advice for anyone wanting to get a job with a Government department; don't. I'm a big supporter of public education, but the way they treat their staff is bull shit.

Nate won't hear a word about moving, he's very happy putting his hands over his ears and screaming until I change the subject. Willow is super excited. She imagines life is going to be one big party. It's going to be so disappointing for her when we carry on living life, just in a different place. We are now trying to get the house ready to rent out. I'm hoping there are some people who want to live in The Neill  or we're buggered. Ideally we would have sold the place, but that isn't happening. Still seventeen houses on the market here and no sign of movement.

So while things can be easier and a lot less stressful, we are okay. We'll be alright. Life is just one adventure after another. Perhaps the universe thought we were getting a little too comfortable and complacent? Adventure come at me.