Monday, 23 December 2013

Fist Pump Christmas Eve?

Whatever its name, it's going to be super quick because I have a list of shit to do the length of... well... something really long. This is a crazy busy time of year for everyone. Why we need so much food for one day I have no idea, but I will be spending my day tied to the kitchen baking and making then I'll be up well after the kids are asleep, wrapping presents because I like to stress myself out by leaving things to the last minute.

I missed FPF because of having such a fabulous time on school holidays (unpacking my needless packing) so here is a collection of pics from the last however long it has been. My brain functions very little on Christmas Eve. Perhaps it's all the excitement. Yay presents and family! Should I have put family first?

The Lions Club Santa rocks around on his trailer sleigh, delighting adults and kids alike. Yeah, I wrote that sentence.
Ice cream in Lincoln.

Finding selfies on my phone is always awesome.

Finally bought ourselves a new lounge and would you look at that relaxed posture.

Summer is finally here!

Got the box set *megafistpump*

Dad and Andre found a way to foil Nate's escape (from this route at least) and have kindly converted it to a BBQ area so I can have people over and stop being a big hermit and stuff.

My beautiful niece, Amie loved the birthday pressie we got her.

Love seeing my kids hang with their cousins. Too cute!
The big kids and the even bigger kids.

Amie and Jude xox

My beautiful sister-in-law, Wendy and Amie relaxing in The Neill.


Going to the big city for Christmas shopping.

Blurry but look at her pose, hahaha.

Work it girl.

I just... 
Finally got it together. Check out those gorgeous models.

Never again. Gingerbread house can bite me.

Merry Christmas to you all. May you be loved, fed, safe and have a shit tonne to fist pump about.