Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fist Pump Friday

Feeling too sick to write today, so here is a bunch of photos from this week that made me happy.

Our crack at this permaculture thing. Yeah, I've seen Gardening Australia.

After we found Nate safe and sound.

Escape attempt number 3467.

It's SANTA! I know him, I know him!

Playgroup wind up.

Jude thinks Santa got it right. Mum is not so convinced.

I mustache you a question.

This big dude just hung out on the boot of my car, afraid of nothing or no one.

Next year I'm making a pallet christmas tree!

Willow plays Red Riding Hood in Roald Dahl's, Revolting Rhymes.

Nate played a cat and a rabbit!

Yay cute kids!