Monday, 30 December 2013

Lessons of 2013

Yep, it's the time of year when we look back and assess whether the year was a success or a failure. Well I'm not. I don't believe any year is a failure. I've had terrible times and good, I've had gut wrenching, heartbreaking moments and times of pure joy. Life isn't ever a failure, none of it. Life is a series of lessons. All of them beautiful if you learn from them, a waste if you ignore them.

One of my favourite things in the world to do is write lists. I'm feeling the need to crack one out to round up 2013.

Some lessons from this year.

  • Trust my instincts. Always. That little niggle in the back of my head or the pit of my stomach - never ever doubt it. No seriously, stop doubting yourself Arleo, you know this shit.
  • Stop talking to myself in the third person, it makes me look either pretentious or insane.
  • Go with the flow. I can't control everything. Sometimes I can control absolutely nothing. Ride the wave and stop whinging about it (easier said than done).
  • Keep my eyes open to the good. If I focus on the bad then that is all I am looking for and I miss all the great stuff around me.
  • Being a hermit isn't good for my emotional health.
  • I can be fat and beautiful. 
  • How other people see me shouldn't effect how I see myself. I know myself better than anyone else.
  • I can rock a frock like a mo fo.
  • I can't please everyone nor should I expect to. Some people just like the feeling of hate, I can't change their behaviour but I can change the way I react.
  • People will help if I ask them. This one is a work in progress. Asking for help still feels weird.
  • My kids won't die if I take time out for myself and Andre.
  • I am enough. 

2014 will give me another set of lessons. I'll strive to do things better, to improve myself. Sometimes it'll sink in, other times I will struggle, but I will make progress. I will be stronger and I will be wiser than I am today.

I wish you all a year full of wonderful lessons and laughter that makes you gasp for air and hurts your cheeks.

Happy New Year.