Saturday, 11 January 2014


We made two whole nights away camping! Unbelievable. It didn't start so smoothly though, we very nearly packed up and left on the first day after Nate went for his usual wander. After a frantic phone call to the police - again, they must be sick of me - he sauntered around the point like he had all the time in the world. Which he did, he doesn't run on our schedule. I screamed at him, then hugged him and covered him in kisses, then screamed again. It's safe to say I have never been so scared in my entire life. Not even when he'd gone missing for two hours from home here.

Instead of packing up we came up with a plan. Shadowing. Nate's peak runaway time is between 5pm and 7pm. Right on tea, the busiest time of the day. The plan was one of us follow him everywhere during that time, take him for a walk, keep him busy, while tea is prepared by the other. It actually worked.

So yay! Two nights away. It went so well that we're going again next weekend. The kids had the best time and Andre and I even managed to relax a little, once the kids were in bed. It's taking more persistence than I imagined but this camping thing is actually starting to work. For now.

Right, time for some pics of our first mostly-successful camping trip. Nay. I claim it successful. We all survived. That's good enough for me.

September beach. Pretty spectacular.

Frolicking and what not.

Jude hates when we swim. He just hangs on the beach whinging until we're all out of the water.

The home away from home and the man making coffee. 

So we sorta went for a drive and I sorta took a wrong turn...

...that went on forever.

It was pretty bumpy, sorta made for 4wds.

And Willow started telling me about these soul sucking death trees she'd been writing about and that the trees currently surrounding us were freaking her out.

But we made it to the end, got out, had a look and turned around to go back after a brief bog threat. I like to throw a bit of adventure into my drives.

Always time for a cuddle.

Spongebob and Patrick are permanent companions at the moment. Miss Jade is in the background.

Snail paced walk with Jude.

Controversial, but I went 'The Tunstill' on this one. The bread was too big for the triangle configuration. It felt wrong.

Last morning and we're still smiling. Camping is my new favourite.

With one success behind us I'm preparing for next weekend. Wish us luck!