Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fist Pump Friday

Sometimes remaining positive is freakin exhausting. Example. I swept and mopped yesterday morning at 10am and marvelled at the white tiles that lay underneath the layer of dirt, sand and food. I swept again after lunch in an endeavour to recapture that just mopped feeling.  Afternoon tea rolls around and cake crumbs found their way not just under the table but all over the dining/family room area. Fine, I say through gritted teeth. Just a sweep will do it, there we go. I sit down. Nate gets out the playdough...

You'd think that I'd just leave it until after tea right? Well that was the plan but I soon found playdough dragged into the lounge room and smooshed into my carpet. So I swept. Of course I had to again after tea, making it a 5 broom day. That shit is ridiculous. It would get the best person down.

Maybe it's because it's the week before school goes back but I have found the last few days frustrating. Whingy Pants Gus and Miss Chatty Bombatty were pretty close to looking for a new Mumma yesterday. Meanwhile Mr Squeals-and-runs was in fine form, screaming every time Whingy Pants Gus whinged. Yeah. It's time school went back.

Fist Pump Friday I hear you ask? There is no fist pumping here, where is this fist pump?

Today I am tired and in need of a break but I find the energy to fist pump about this. School is nearly back! Do you think they'll take Jude 3 years early?