Sunday, 19 January 2014

Operation Anti-Hermit: A Roaring Success!

We have spent so long alone as a family that it got to be crushingly depressing. Humans are social creatures and while having a child with ASD is consuming in the beginning, you have to put it in perspective. Nobody benefits if everyone except the child with ASD is miserable. There has to be a way to find a healthy balance and that is what we started trying to do last year. This year however we've listened to the wisest of all the creatures, Yoda.

"There is no try, there is only do."

Lucky for us we found Nate's soul digs nature. He's mad for it and camping lets him be in nature forever. Last weekend we went camping with a friend and her four kids which inspired another group of friends and next minute we had a crowd.

Not visible at this time were two more tents and a campervan.
All up there were 7 adults and 16 kids. It was crazy and I loved it. I think this is how humans are supposed to live. My theory has always been that isolating on our own and living vast distances from our support network is why we have seen a rise in depression. At least it certainly was a massive contributor to mine.

We had barely set up when the storm rolled in. It was loud and it was fierce. I love a good storm but the lightning was a little alarming, especially when it hit so close and we saw this.

Probably clouds just rising out of the ground?
After much discussion and sniffing the air, Nardi went off to get signal and call the fire brigade (are they still called brigades? That seems an old word to me). The kids were a little stressed and the smoke/cloud grew for a while. We headed to the beach hoping to get a better look but all we saw was that we were inside the most amazingly beautiful storm I'd ever seen.

It turns out that either a) there was never a fire and it was just low lying clouds, or b) the heavy rain put it out. Either way I'm sure there were a lot of relieved firies in Port Lincoln that night.

With the drama out of the way we spent the weekend getting too much sun, laughing until our bellies hurt, snorting, making sandcastles, eating lollies, swimming and sleeping in sandy beds. Nothing in the world makes me feel more connected to all that there is, more than camping.

This anti-hermiting thing is rockin'. I forgot how much I craved people and seeing new stuff. 2014 is the year of  pushing myself to see people and so far I'm loving it. Someone please remind me of this come winter. I'll need a stern talking to around then.

Now I'll just put some show off pics up, just to make other people think about dusting off their camping gear and feel awesome to the power of rad about the world we live in and the people we share it with.

This happened. Thank you Pinterest for yet another ridiculously good idea.

Andre and Rob being good dads.

Bailey had a million questions about the fire truck.

Apparently something was funny.

Huge starfish! They were put back in the water after a quick lesson with the kids.

Never too cold for kids to swim. Crazy bastards.

The centre of the fire doughnut.

Chillin beachside.

The girls having a mother's meeting.

Nate loves camp fires but look at those eyes. He didn't last long after this.


A discussion about something educational no doubt.

Good morning!

The remnants of our fire doughnut.

School is about to go back. That sucks a bit, I don't want holidays to end. The next step of Operation A-H is going to be trickier but with extra effort I'm striving for a mid term weekend camp. There are too many benefits not to.

Now go check your camping gear and get going!