Friday, 3 January 2014

Smash the Scale

I've been following Jes' blog for a while now and coveted her adorable clothes and badass attitude. For those who don't know Jes, The Militant Baker, she's an awesome body positive campaigner, baker and model, among a billion other things. Last month she started a movement based on what she found when she typed "fat people are" into a search engine. Do it and you'll be mortified. Or not. Fat shaming is pretty standard. Check out how Jes fought back and how many amazing people joined in right here. I'll admit that I cried when these images came flooding in, in the days after Jes called everyone to arms. Crazy gorgeous.

I went on a bit of a journey last year and faced some of my fat demons of Christmas old. Turns out there's a lot of shit there, especially surrounding scales. I remember standing on a scale when I was 13 and nearly crying because I'd hit 60kg. Gasp. So when Jes shared the idea of Smash the Scale I knew I wanted in. A lot of my life I have judged myself on what number rocked up on the scale that day. I could be feeling totally rockin' in some gorgeous outfit I'd just bought, step on a scale and immediately let it deflate how I felt about myself. I will never do that again. Smash the Scale isn't about giving up and washing yourself with a rag on a stick. It's about not tying your self worth to a number.

Last year my goal was to feel comfortable wearing things I'd only wished I could. This year is about enjoying my body and the way it feels and moves. It is not about scales. It is not about how other people see it. It is all about my relationship with my body.

So why am I Smashing the Scale?

Because I deserve a positive relationship with myself. My health will not be reflected by a set of scales, nor will it tell me if I am being an awesome human being who loves, laughs or gives the most ridiculously tight squeezy hugs. It doesn't tell me if I'm being a great parent or how to fix this terrible home haircut I've given myself. All the scales reflect is a number, nothing more, nothing less. I am Smashing the Scale for everyone like me, who jumped on a scale and let it ruin their day, allowed it to control their eating or exercising, I'm smashing it for every one of us who tried to starve themselves until they couldn't bear the pain anymore or they saw that magic number that was meant to bring us happiness and inner peace. I am smashing it for my three kids, who are perfect in every way and should never have anyone tell them otherwise. This year and every year after I will be free of the scale and that brings me more peace than that fantasy number I kept holding onto for years.

Check out Jes' blogpost about Smash the Scales right here.