Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fist Pump Friday

This week has been a billion and eleventy times better than the preceding few weeks/months/eternity; as it sometimes feels. It's been tough but what can you do? Life isn't interesting if nothing ever happens and I'm not going to learn my limits if I don't hit the wall a few (hundred) times. I'm a totally codependent nancy and it's taken me a shit tonne of work to not automatically want to make life easier for everyone around me but myself. When some old habits creep in I have to give myself a kick in the arse and stop being a martyr. So last weekend Willow and I took a much needed autism break.

We booked a shack and hung out playing Word Yahtzee, reading, eating antipasto, walking along the beach and talking. Lots and lots of talking. She's quite the chatterbox. I don't say that with any surprise, just with a slight raised eyebrow that she was able to continue talking for such a extraordinarily long time without so much as a pause.

Plus, to top even that, Nate's had a pretty good week. We've only had one meltdown so far this week and one small round of squealing. Compared to the three to four meltdowns a day he was having and the constant screaming I feel like I'm on holiday. Like a real holiday. All that's missing is the cocktails.

Time for photos to show how ridiculously good this week was.

My girl xo

We did each other's make up...
and nails!

Shark cloud.
Shacks are the best. I  want one.

The beach is my happy place. How could you not be peaceful here?

Willow held my hand the whole time we went on our walk. Bless!

Our park.

Running free!

Willow turned the 9, her last year of single digits. She was so excited to have a cake for school.

Jude is delighted by Willow's home birthday cake. Two in one day? Fist pump!

I probably have the best job in the world. How much fun is this?

Chillin with Russell, watching Toy Story. Again.
I'm crossing my fingers that Nate's latest regression has led to this more peaceful breakthrough but I'm not holding my breath. All I can do is appreciated the peace and progress as it happens.

Happy fist pump friday xo