Monday, 24 March 2014

Life is good

I've been trying to write this for over a week but between socialising, being sick and watching bad TV I've had bugger all time.

Honestly though I don't know how much more excitement I can handle. I haven't been this social since Kellis' milkshakes were bringing boys to her yard. We've had people visit, a reunion, phone calls from all over, a constant stream of messages to answer and packages to pick up from the post office. It's been a change but it's been fun.

And Nate... what a week he's had. He can't sit still but my god, can he talk! Sentences. For real. Not the kind where you sit down and discuss things that happened in any particular order but if it's in his head he'll be willing to share it. This is a massive change. This development may stay or it may not. That's the thing with him, he doesn't move forward like typically developing kids. He takes one step forward, seven back, another two back, eight forward, a few to the side - it never ends and there's never a pattern. We just know that when he's extra hard work there's normally a breakthrough coming in the next few months. Sort of like how babies have a wonder week, but we have wonder months. Tiring stuff. But hearing him telling me not to hit the grey car, asking for me to help him and singing songs is worth the shit few months we have had. More than worth it. That right there is pure joy.

So here are some photos and stuff from the last couple of weeks so we can catch up and start afresh this Fist Pump Friday, which will more than likely be Sensational Saturday or something because I'm flat out all day friday too. What is going on here? How do people live like this?

Two of my favourite ladies. We were so naughty it felt like 1994 again.
My Dad cooked me bacon and toad in the hole after my reunion. Hangovers were never rewarded in my teen years I tell ya!

Just in case y'all missed it - we were front page news. I live in an exciting metropolis. Obviously.

Gave my soul a cleanse at one of my favourite beaches.

The writing is in the sand.


Too many of us to fit in now!
My boys are iPad obsessed.

Nate has decided he has to "ride" his bike to school. Problem number one is he can't ride a bike.

So we have to push him. lol. Loving his shark helmet though.

Another thing that is completely amazing is that we have raised $2670 towards Nate's companion dog so far as well as a HUGE amount of donations from friends, family and businesses to auction off on the 12th of April. I am so excited, more socialising and this time if Nate is loud and stuff it's too bad because this is ALL about him.

Life is good.