Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lucy: The dog that started it all

When I first saw Lucy was available through Smart Pups and was trained in meltdown distraction I applied for her straight away, regardless of the fact that we didn't have the $3500 let alone the cost of flying her over to us. We would beg the bank if we had to. I knew she'd be perfect for Nate and she is black. Her fur wouldn't show on my clothes. We weren't lucky enough to get Lucy, she went to another little boy in need but it started something. We knew we wanted a companion dog for Nate and now we had realised that it was a priority to us.

The money raised so far is amazing, especially since we have the auction to go. We are still short of the target but I'm confident we will get there and am grateful every single day for the support we've been given through all of this.

Friday I received a message. Contact Deanne if you are still interested in Lucy. The little boy won't have anything to do with her and the family are very upset. Understandably, I was upset for them, but truthfully only for a second because in moments my heart jumped and I sent off the quickest email I have ever sent in my life.

It has been a long weekend waiting for the final confirmation but here we are. 

Everybody, meet Lucy.

Nate's new Mate. We are currently organising flights for her to come home. I can't wait to see Nate and Lucy together. 

When things are meant to be, the universe doesn't stand in your way.