Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Oh, you guys!

Life is a weird thing. Sometimes it kicks you in the vagina and stomps on your head while you're collapsed in a blubbering heap on the floor. Then there are the times like these where so much good has happened that you're frightened you'll come across as an over enthusiastic optimistic teenage drunk when trying to talk about all the happy going on. I'll attempt not to use too many hysterical exclamation marks.

Last week we started fundraising for Nate to receive an autism companion dog. I thought I'd start the page and keep people informed of what fundraising steps we are taking and invite people along to events and things. A friend told me to add an account number for donations. I felt weird about it. I've only recently asked for help and it's something I'm learning the shit out of this year. It's a tough one, I still feel immensely guilty when someone helps me out, it feels like I'll never be able to repay them or thank them enough.

It has been one week today and so far we have raised $1720. $30 short of the half way mark. Totally cool. That wasn't even the best thing that happened through all of this. I mean getting Nate a dog is the primary purpose, but a nice side effect was the messages. Some of these people I knew well, some were complete strangers. I had people message who were in the same boat as we are, friends from my past, strangers just wanting to help out. It was completely insane how gorgeous some of these messages were. Life has been pretty tricky in the last few years and we haven't been able to put the time into our friendships that we would have liked. We didn't ask for help, we struggled on our own and ended up isolated and overwhelmed. We didn't want our family situation to be a burden on anyone else. How can anyone who hasn't been through it truly understand who we are now? We aren't the same carefree people we were before Nate's diagnosis. Our life isn't what it was. We are not who we were. But most of you don't care. Some people even like the new us. Some people are even willing to take a moment out of their day to support us, show us some kindness and help us through another day. I would never have found that out sitting in my house isolating.

The most amazing thing I have learnt through all this is something so simple that I always knew, but never actually thought about it in my own life. Every single act of kindness, every time you take a moment to make someone smile or make their life better in some way, will come back to you when you need it most. You don't know what impact you have had on someone's journey until they have an opportunity to help you right back.

I'm so freakin grateful for all of you. I have cried happy tears more than you could possibly imagine in the last week. Finally I'm seeing my life for what it really is, that people other than Andre and I want the best for Nate and that we're not doing this alone after all.

We probably should have fundraised for one of these instead of a pup ;)

Love you beautiful people.