Friday, 11 April 2014

Fist Pump Friday

Fist Pump Friday is obviously going to be about Lucy this week. No surprises there! She's adorable and just a lovely lady to have around.

When we started fundraising for a companion dog for Nate I never imagined that it would be so successful or happen so soon. Everything has fallen into place with an ease I haven't experienced in any part of my life in a long time. There was no struggle, no stress, it all happened just as it was supposed to. Sometimes we get who we need when we need them.

Lucy and Nate are great friends and an added bonus is that she comforts the toddler when he's crying too! I don't even use a command, she hears tears and she's there like a shot. I've never seen a dog so concerned or in love with kids in my life. She makes me go all high pitched and squishy. Adore!

Now for the barrage of photos!

Nate meets Lucy for the first time.

Alice meets Lucy for the first time. Can't see Alice? Check out the black blob on the water tank.

Jude and Nate think they have to roll about on the floor to get a dog to play with them.

That smile!

A bit of get to know you rolling about on their backs.


Lucy's first beachy. Look at her swanning about in the shallows.

Not Lucy but too cute not to share,. I love these guys a shit tonne.

Toddlers are both cute and evil all at once. Tenuous link to Lucy who is sleeping happily in the background.


Exploring together.

They both love the running.

When not at the beach, this is Lucy's go to position.

Mid spin!

Idyllic as shit!

Beach buddies.

So much love and cuddles.
SHUT UP! So cute I could punch myself!

So much to fist pump about. I'll be blogging early next week about the A Mate for Nate auction. I'm so freakin excited. I don't get out much and this is just the excuse I need. Just hope I don't get socially excited and go a little overboard.

Oh and happy school holidays gorgeous people. I feel some camping coming on!