Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Auctions and Holidays and Friends, Oh My!

It's been an insane month. Crazy doesn't even cover it. I'm looking forward to a calmer and quieter term although I'm sure I'll be sick of that after the first week.

Lucy is officially ours, has a swish kennel and has a back up in case of a vet emergency. The night was better than I'd hoped. The week before auction I seriously started thinking nobody was going to rock up, I'd gotten at least twenty messages from people on the Saturday putting in their apologies and countless others the week before. This happens to any event I have, which is the exact reason why I stopped throwing anything at all. After a panic attack and a freak out I figured that the worst that could happen is that we were left with some stuff to sell via a facebook auction or something.

I'm not the greatest with crowds these days, so when a few people showed up I felt like I needed to vomit. I hear that's something that happens to parents of kids with autism. Not the vomiting. The lack of social skills thing. We don't get out enough and lose how awesome we were (at least that's how I remember it). Maybe that's true, maybe that's just the people I've talked to, maybe I'm more likely to be friends with people like myself. I don't know. I felt a little more relaxed when some old friends surprised me with a massive blowfish on the window. Was so great to see them again and was wonderful they could hang around for a week after so we could catch up without the crazy!

Unbelievably after all was tolled, we raised $2951 for A Mate for Nate. Special shout out here to Nardi and Sharlene who organised the shit out of everything with lists and payments. Without them it would have been disorder and chaos with a splash of anarchy. Also a huge thanks to those who helped with the food; Mum, Brooke, Stacey, Julie, Clare and Peta (who I'm yet to meet but was generous enough to help out). Also to John and Tom who ran the bar like champs on the night and finally a super massive thanks to Andy our auctioneer. He was freakin amazing and made the night relaxed, casual and a whole lot of fun. All these things I wanted to say on the night but when given the opportunity I found myself a little overcome with stage fright. So awkward these days.

I took a few photos of the auction but I don't have permission from people to post them. The best I can do is this one.
Jude and his cousin Maci hanging out under the auction items table.
So with The Auction - as it became ominously known -  done and dusted we felt a little like we could go on with our lives and enjoy our holidays. With more visitors than I've had in the whole 6 years we've lived up here I was loving not being isolated and started to find my social chi. Social chi is a thing, yeah?

These two became besties. LOVE!

Just chillin down the beach with some friends.

Eclipse night.

Our plus one for the night, Emily, enjoyed our beach walk as much as we do.

Willow and Emily are peas in a pod.

Terrible photo but best I could do to capture it.
Nate and Lucy having a cuddle in the back of the car after a beach run.

With the first week over we decided it was time to go on a bit of a holiday. Normally I go to Adelaide for an overnighter minus kids to go see a band or something. We rarely take the kids because going there with our three is such a horrendous and traumatic experience. No lie or exaggeration. Having had a pretty good couple of months with Nate we decided to give it a go but this time it was going to be different. We used to feel obligated to see everyone and felt a lot of pressure. Andre never called who he was supposed to, the kids hated going from house to house, we didn't get a chance to talk to anyone anyway so we'd leave the city angry and snappy with each other. This time what we did worked.

We had a holiday. Living in the country, going to the city is our holiday. Holidays aren't about other people, they're about us. With that in mind we did just that. We met people down the beach and had a picnic, the kids played and by late afternoon they were happy to go back to Kylee's and chill out with a movie then head to bed. The second day we took the kids strawberry picking. It was Jude's favourite. He ate his weight in strawberries I reckon.

We didn't stay long, we headed home the next day. We kept it short and sweet and positive. Leave before shit hits the fan I say. I have resigned myself to the fact that Nate can't leave home for too long, which presents a problem later in the year when we plan to drive to see my brother in Brisbane, but for now we had a successful trip. Probably in part because Lucy was there for Nate to play with and cuddle too. She was a great little traveller, she is absolutely invited again.
Our attempt at a family portrait. Never a good one.
Sharing the beach is a novelty.

Andre wanted to be manly, drinking coffee out the back of his 4by.

One of my favourites, Miss Kylee.

My gorgeous nieces and sister in law.

Was beautiful to catch up with another sister in law and another gorgeous niece and nephew.
There were brothers involved but they magically avoided my camera.
A tough day for both of them.

The best strawberry picker ever.

My favourite people in the world! Squee!

The holidays are drawing to a close. Life will go back to normal and I will hopefully have not much at all to blog about and instead go on with actually writing this story that keeps knocking on my skull, dying to get out.

I hope you've all had a great school holidays and a big thank you to all of you for your kind words and support. You guys are the bomb.