Tuesday, 1 April 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

I thought I should probably write something about autism on this day of all days. The number of kids diagnosed with an ASD is now down to 1 in 100 so if you aren't aware of autism you must live in a happy little bubble. I envy your guts. However being completely ignorant about autism makes it hard for those of us who have our children out and about in public because occasionally we cross someone who is a rude twat who feels the need to tell us where we're going wrong or mumble under their breath about controlling our kids or needing a smack. That sort of thing worried me once but now I couldn't care less. When people say their special needs kids teach them so much, they aren't just saying that to make you folk with nothing but typical kids feel better about your perfect bundles. It's true. Having Nate has made me narrow my life down to Things That Matter and Whatever.

And today is in the whatever category after I have rewritten this damn blog three times and hating it. All three kids home yelling at each other isn't doing much for my creative flow. So you know what I do when I lack the words. PHOTOS!

If my job as a parent to a child with autism is to raise awareness then here is what I want to make everyone aware of. Nate isn't just autism. He's a person and he is gorgeous.