Monday, 28 July 2014

21 days of Starrtrekking goodness

I won't make you sit through details of every moment of our trip. Although if you pop in for a cuppa I'll probably talk your ear off about it.

Going to the east coast was on my to-do list for this year but then we had the washing machine and the fridge break down and all sorts of things went wrong (including our desperate need for new carpet in Nate's room) I pretty much wrote the idea off. But I threw my hands in the air, said "fuck it" and two weeks before school holidays decided to just go. Carpet can wait, paint can wait. I'm not going to be thankful I replaced old carpet when I'm taking my last dying breath and my kids sure as hell won't be waxing lyrical about the time Mum went to Carpet Choice and picked out a nice beige woollen weave.

There were moments of pure joy on our trip to Queensland and there were moments I was swatting blindly into the back seat, yelling. Those times were pretty rare. I yell more at home. I was nervous taking Nate on such a huge trip but a few things helped. Having a routine board was a life saver. He would bring it in with him when we stopped somewhere and go through the itinerary for the week. It really settled him. There is a natural rhythm to travelling that Nate felt comfortable with, all of the new locations and different activities we did enriched him, gave him more language without overwhelming him. The way he dealt with the sensory input at Dreamworld was awesome. He was a fucking super star. Love!

5845 kilometres, 3 kids, 21 days and I could have done another 21 if I were able. One day we'll do the big lap. Nothing seems impossible now.