Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autism Teaches

Today I open my blog to my awesomely creative and prize winning poet husband, Andre.

Autism Teaches

When autism came to live at my house
it taught me about life.
About living,
about rest
about love.
Autism taught me not to care what others think
and how to be strong
when everyone is staring.
Autism taught me patience
and it’s still teaching me that.

But it doesn’t teach its lessons
like a kindly teacher
watching over my shoulder and smiling at my mistakes.

Nor does it teach like a strict disciplinarian
sharp eyes and hair in a tight bun, keeping me in after class
for my own good.

No. Autism teaches its lessons in the classroom of abandonment.
There is no assignment sheet, no tutorials, no lectures, no scaffolding,
only survival training.

I learnt strength because autism showed me how weak I truly was,
I learnt not to care what others thought because autism embarrassed me.
I learnt patience because autism taught me how impatient I still am.

I will never be dismissed from autism’s classroom,
but I know when to take recess,
and that it’s OK to copy other people’s work.
I have learnt the answers are in love
and for Nate

that is the only homework that matters.