Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fist Pump Friday - The Return

Been a while since I've cracked out one of these bad boys isn't it? It isn't that I haven't had things to fist pump about, it was just plain ol' laziness and a little writing apprehension that stopped me in my tracks. I was comparing myself to other people who are awesome instead of just doing what makes me happy. We all have moments, I dare say it won't be my last.

Now to the fist pumping!

The Militant Baker did this and I made the page! Glorify happiness is my fave hashtag now. If you follow me on instagram be prepared for an onslaught and remember that you can join in too. This is about celebrating ALL sizes and shapes. Our bodies rock.

Big thing for the Starrtrekking household: We managed a day at the beach and didn't even have to leave because Nate wanted to, or he couldn't cope. We sat by the fire, the kids and dogs ran around playing and we relaxed with humans. Human interaction like "normal" people. Serious. That isn't something I ever expected us to be able to do. Nate is amazing, he's worked so hard in twelve months and we think Lucy and travelling have been the therapy he needed. If we could we would Starrtrek permanently.  For now this will have to do. I'm not complaining.

A couple of weeks ago now Andre's Mum had the kids for the weekend for us. It was amazing to just chill out and talk without being interrupted every five minutes. It also reminded us how much we really like each other. Not because he's my husband or the father of my babies, but because he's pretty interesting, creative and we laugh like children together. It's easy to fall into roles when you're parents so time away is so important. Especially when you have a special needs child. Getting away from the stress for a while feels like walking on air.

Sometimes we are complete opposites!

Art is a little risque these days. What's wrong with Ken Done?
Circus night! Our school put on a circus and it was ridiculous! I couldn't believe how skilled they were in only 8 short weeks. Willow used to suffer from crippling stage fright but thanks to dance last year she was a super star. So proud of how far she has come. And Nate? Bah! I cried. That kid was superb. He played his part and was magnificent. I couldn't be prouder of my amazing babies. They are just the BEST!

Life is good. Really, fist pumpingly good.