Sunday, 2 November 2014

Liebster Blog Award

My laptop cord died and I've been out of writing action for a week. It's killing me. So desperate times have meant I'm blogging on Nate's iPad. I know it's what all the cool kids do these days but I find the whole typing on a screen thing a bit weird. In my world the iPad is strictly for games, googling ways to kill off characters and wasting ridiculous amount of time on facey.

With the amazing technology I have at my fingertips I am now finally able to respond to Shannon's nomination. The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers, by fellow bloggers, as a way of recognising your blog and a way to connect and discover other amazing blogs out there. Part of accepting the nomination is to nominate ten blogs in return but I can't do that. I don't really have a bloggy community and I read a handful of blogs, many of them have thousands of followers and don't need my assistance in you guys finding them. I will answer the questions Shannon asked though, even though I'm technically not accepting the award, just coz I want to.

Inspiration behind your blog?

Nate. I read a lot of autism blogs when he was first diagnosed and they were all so upbeat and cheery. I wanted to grab those happy, proactive parents and shove their positivity down their throats. All those blogs did was make me feel like I was failing as a parent but the more I talked to other parents in the real world I soon realised that most of us feel like that, we just liked to hide it. So I put together the need for an honest account of how life is with autism and the crazy idea that we could travel around Oz and thought of Starrtrekking. We haven't got to the latter part yet, it's taking a lot longer than we'd hoped. Damn unpredictable life.

On your bedside table?
I'm so lame, just a bedside lamp.

Fave song/album?
It's like picking between your children, impossible. But if I had to I think the album Absolution by Muse wins.

Fave Drink?

What were you doing a decade ago?
Preparing to move house while pregnant with my first baby, Willow, and working part time with Di. It doesn't feel so long ago.

Fave quote?
Creativity takes courage -Henry Matisse.

Describe your style?
My house style is sort of beachy shabby chic mixed with kids filth and mess. Personal style is pretty all over the place. A lot of black mixed with a little bit of great Grandma floral and cardies.

Most treasured possession?
Is it weird that I don't have one? Maybe I did once but in all likelihood it's been destroyed by the kids years ago.

Favourite holiday destination?
Coffs Harbour. I could move there. So green!

What is one random thing that most people don’t know about you?
I can't roll my tongue!

Thanks for the nomination, Shannon!

Have a great week everyone and see y'all for fist pump Friday. Charger or no charger.