Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fist Pump Friday

Being married to a teacher, being a Playcentre leader and a Mum to school age kids, we count our life in terms and semesters in this house. Term four is always ridiculously busy, with Christmas parties, reports, excursions, camps and shopping, this last nine weeks has flown past. I am still wondering if we lost a week somewhere in there but the world collectively shrugged and continued on as normal.

My first fist pump of FPF is going to be that today is the last day of school for 2014. I'm Big Kev excited. Six weeks of lazy mornings, camping and a sneaky girls trip to the Gold Coast are ahead of me. Bring it.

I was feeling a little too glum last Friday to fist pump and wasn't sure how I was going to get myself out of the spiralling depression. Lucky for me I have my family, who forced me up and made me go to the beach for fish and chips. It was windy and crap but the sea air did a world of good and seeing Jude wear those monster slippers everywhere always makes me laugh. Cutie patootie.

Saturday we had our staff show. Normally we all go out to a restaurant but this time we went up to a girl from work's place. She lives in this Spanish style hacienda and I totally covet her loft space for my writing room. It's for sale but sadly a little out of our budget. We all brought a plate and it was the best staff Christmas show I've been to. Everyone had a little too much to drink and we laughed so much our cheeks hurt. They're the best people, I'm lucky to work with some of the funniest and nicest people on the planet. The Christmas tree made me envious too, no little fingers touching that tree!

Which brings me to my tree. I've fenced it off and put up signs to stop the boys from their campaign of destruction. It worked for a while but Nate ripped the signs down then it was open season again. The tree has a few baubles missing again but I've had to tell myself to let it go. There's nothing to be done for it. Next year I'll have to come up with something a bit more creative and less messy for a tree.

My baby brother graduated year 7! I was 24 when he was born and people assumed he was mine if I was out with him and Mum. When I'd say he's my brother people were just baffled. It's not hard, Mum and Dad had another baby. Just like they did with your siblings, people. Just that my Mum and Dad were older. When babies are born you don't realise how fast the time will go. One moment we're cuddling this soft miniature human, the next we're telling them to stop being cheeky and it wouldn't kill them to pick something up. Luke's growing up to be an awesome human though and he has spectacular hair.

Nate has only just realised that Jude can join in on games and is astounding in his dedication to them. Now Nate knows that, poor Jude is called upon every five seconds to play cats or schools. It's cute as a bug's ear and I never thought it would happen. It's still crazy and there are fights but it's a step forward. A huge one too.

Sunday we are off on a mini adventure that will give me something super exciting to fist pump about. I look forward to sharing that with you all next week. For now I wish you all a fist pumping week and a stress free and calm lead up to Christmas, if there is such a thing.

Happy FPF y'all!