Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Oh hi there 2015

Okay, who stole the month of December and almost all of January? Holidays are coming to a close and I've barely started. There was nowhere near as much beach and sun as I'd have liked, but there was a solo trip to Adelaide and another one to the east coast that reminded me how important my gal pals are and how much I miss my family when I'm not with them!

Last year was the calmest year we have had in a long time. Nate still found things to challenge us with, Willow was still passively ignoring everything we said and Jude entered the terrible two/threenager stage of his life. But all three of them grew and thrived in ways we never imagined and made me squeal at their cute selves daily.

So what will 2015 hold? All I know is this: whatever life throws at me, I will handle it. I'll accept and embrace the positive in my life, reject the negative and make more plans for adventure. Starrtrekking is only just getting started.

If 2015 is half as amazing as 2014 we're going to be awesome.

Happy belated New Year y'all