Friday, 6 February 2015

Promoting Obesity

Being fat makes people angry. I'm not entirely sure why, it's not as if my body just wandering by should make your day any worse, or any better for that matter.

Lately I've been self punishing by reading comments about the awesome Tess Munster becoming the biggest plus sized model to be signed to a major agency. There is certainly a lot of praise for her and so there should be. The girl has worked hard and she's a total babe. But there are always the trolls. There are so many it becomes monotonous. I was sick of reading this particular gem, "I'm not against fat people but..." One thing I've learnt in my life is that anything that comes before the "but" is superfluous. Everything that comes after it tells you about who a person really is and what they really believe.

Then after troll after troll one comment I saw repeatedly fucked me right off.

"She's promoting obesity."

People like this (and there are a shit tonne of them) don't want fat people to have a visible presence in society in case other fat people step up, stand tall, get shit done, get on with their life and fucking thrive. How this affects them personally I am still to find out. But they seem very miffed about it.

When obesity is "promoted" by the very fact that someone exists in a fat body AND can live a fulfilling life with love, a career and family it turns some people's world upside down. People rage about this and so many normally very nice people jump in and start throwing false concern about the health of fat people and how showing people of size is making it "okay". Well first off it is okay. Secondly, this shows me how limited our knowledge of health is; and how limited our ability to just mind our own fucking business. That's the kicker right there. It's not your body. Not your business.

Repeat after me. Not your body. Not your business.

I see all bodies being judged all of the time and frankly I'm sick to fucking death of it. All bodies are good bodies. Mine is fat and it has nurtured three babies, allowed me to travel, to type my thoughts, to feel the bass thump through me at a gig, to dance and move and hug all the beautiful people in my life. My body has been hurt and healed and adored.

So fuck anyone who thinks fat people should be invisible. I exist and I have every damn right to. We all have a right to exist and be celebrated for our unique and wonderful selves.

To all the trolls, kiss my fat and fabulous arse.