Sunday, 12 April 2015


We had this. Not a single fight the whole first day. There was whinging. Oh yes there was whinging. But that is part and parcel of having Jude within ear shot.

Pulling in to Glendambo we took in the red dirt and suspected refuse dump view and congratulated ourselves on a successful first part of the adventure. 

The camper went on up, the camp set up, we had tea. Everything was going fucking swimmingly.

Fucking. Swimmingly.

Then chaos.

Jude's whinese got the better of Nate, who was suffering from having very little sensory input all day and landing in a place with zero swings or anywhere much to even go for a walk.

They fought. Worst ever. There was screaming. Has anyone seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre? There is a house here that looks frighteningly similar. My boy's blood curdling screams just helped to complete the horror vibe this place was giving off.

I was 99% sure we were gonna get the police called.

In the end I sort of yell-begged Andre to take Jude and get him the fuck out of ear shot so I could calm Nate but ya know me. I'm like, "that's it, We are turning back around. We are going home!"

So now there were three crying children . Somehow it all kicked down a notch  and they are finally a-fucking-sleep!

Day one summary; it was good. Then it was fucked. 

We lived.