Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Where I live has about one hundred people living there. At times it feels super isolated but after seeing Marla I'm redefining my version of isolated. Sure it has a supermarket and we don't but from what I could tell there weren't actual people living there. It was green however and after a long day this place felt like an oasis.

After a shitty night's sleep due to a restless husband, a crying toddler And the heat, I woke up to the most beautiful
sunrise I've ever seen. This place didn't offer much in the way of community but it sure has some stunning scenery. 

We made the border which was so exciting right up until the moment where I remembered Nate's sensory issue with flies... and we took him into the middle of the fucking desert where flies hang by the millions. Good work Arlene.

This looks like a family fun shot, the joy we must have experienced, being on both sides of the border, hilarious. A brief second look though and you'll see Nate screaming. This didn't stop the entire time we were out of the car until we got back in. The. Entire. Time.

We hit Ayres Rock campground and found our park. We are free campers from way back and until this trip had never stepped into a caravan park. I have to say that this crammed in shit isn't for me. There are more people in this half row of caravans than my whole entire town. It's taking some getting used to.

Tomorrow I finally get to see Uluru which has been on my bucket list since I was old enough to know what a bucket list is. I can't wait to touch it. I know, it's slightly weird. I have sensory needs that need met too.

Well off to bed. I have a spectacular sunrise to catch tomorrow.