Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Kylie Minogue Incident

Nate loves things. It's a wonderful thing to see him excited about something but sometimes it is just a little too much.

My sister made up a CD of MP3s for the auction for Lucy last year, which was in April. It holds roughly 90 songs and basically introduced my kids to a whole new world of pop out there. After the auction that CD made it to the car. We have a six stacker, there is no shortage of music to listen to. None.

We've travelled a lot of kilometres in our Pajero in the last twelve months. It's become a second home, taking us up to Queensland and the Northern Territory and we've calculated that we've done around fifteen thousand kilometres as a family stuck in that car.

All of those kilometres have revolved around this one freakin disc.

Waterfall Way, the Pacific Highway, Stuart Highway, from Mooloolaba to home and all the way back up to Ormiston Gorge, the music played over and over.

Yesterday we had to climb back in the car again to drive to Lincoln to pick up Lucy from my Mum and Dad's place. It's a quick 90kms. Piece of piss after the distances we'd done in the last two weeks. But we all have a breaking point.

Now nothing against Australia's Pop Princess, but hearing Celebration for the god-knows-how-manyieth time made my eye twitch. I wanted to skip Kylie Minogue but Nate is a stickler, there is no pressing next on his watch. Every song has to be listened to no matter how annoying it is.

But I just couldn't do it anymore. I changed disc. It was risky. I turned up the music to try and block out Nate's screams. Nope. Very loud.

I pressed eject. Disc One was flung into Andre's lap. "Just throw it out the fucking window!"

Now, here is where I'll remind you that Andre is known as the calm one.

His face went red, his hands shook as he raised the disc above his head and he bent it in half while roaring, "Kylie Fucking Minogue!"

Surprisingly the disc didn't snap but all this did was anger Andre further. He bent it back the other way and when even that didn't snap he opened the window and flung Disc One as far as he could.

The car went silent. Then we laughed. Everyone in that car couldn't breathe for laughing. We had spent one day too many in the vehicle. One day too many.

With that, Starrtrekking is over for another year. It's been fabulous and crazy and I wish it never had to end.