Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I know my job as a writer is to paint you a picture so amazing that you yourself feel like you are right there with me, but today I was lost for words. There are a few moments in my life where I have felt overwhelmed by the presence of something.

The days I met my babies, seeing a whale for the first time, a Muse concert, my first rainforest and now, Uluru.

I have had this burning need for years to come see it but nothing I'd imagined had compared. The whole thing, that gigantic piece of ancient rock has an energy. I sound like a total hippy. I don't even care. I finally had my moment where my hand touched the rock and I cried. 

Big Nancy pants.

I don't know whether it was because I'd achieved something I'd wanted to do for so long or the fact that the whole place felt important. I imagine that's how religious people feel in a well built church.

Where words fail me, photos might help. If you ever get the chance, come here. But maybe do it in winter.